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Wine Tour Limousine Service to CADE Estate Winery

Only a short drive north of the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area is the beautiful and incredible Napa Valley. The Napa Valley is America’s finest and internationally respected wine producing region. For those who have visited the Napa Valley you know exactly how incredible and immaculate this region is. Somewhere between the rolling hills, lush green landscape and near perfect weather Cade Winery stands out to all who visit. Of course what makes the Napa Valley so special are the endless array of vineyards that adorn the rolling hills. While the Napa Valley took a small break producing wine during and directly after Prohibition in America, by the 1970s the Napa Valley came back with a vengeance emerging back on the world stage as the planet’s finest wine producing region. With such notoriety and perfect conditions to boast the finest wines possible began to call the Napa Valley their birthplace. Here at Apex Luxury Transportation we have made it our mission to show each and every one of our clients exactly what the Napa Valley is made of – real wine by real people. The wineries we bring our clients to always embody exactly what we love about the Napa Valley and are never subpar nor amateur. Our feature winery CADE is no exception.

CADE Estate Winery is a gem of the Napa Valley located in one of the most beautiful corners of the entire region. Located in Angwin, northeast of St Helena and neatly on the slopes of Howell Mountain, CADE is arguably the most beautiful winery in the region.  The ownership team of ex San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson, Gordon Getty and John Conover went to great lengths to establish a winery in 2005 that put producing the finest wines in the Napa Valley as its priority.  With the fantastic sister wineries PlumpJack and Adette Estate, CADE comes from a family of established wineries well known for making and producing exceptional wines. CADE Winery Panoramic Views of Napa ValleyThis excellence in wine production is what makes CADE unique is this incredible location. With 54 acres surrounding the winery, the higher elevation adds a unique atmospheric dimension unlike other wineries in the Napa Valley. The cooler days and warmer evenings imbue CADE wine grapes with a taste unlike other Napa Valley wines. CADE Cabernet Sauvignons and Sauvignon Blancs are exquisite and stand out for their character and taste. Referred to as Modern Howell Mountain these wines are definitely something special not to be missed. Their unique character and artisanal subtleties are well respected in the world of wines and surely emerging as Napa’s finest. Another point not to be overlooked is that CADE leads the way for ecological sustainability in the Napa Valley. As the regions first Organically Farmed LEED Gold Certified winery, CADE has put its sustainable relationship with the environment at the forefront of it’s production model. This commitment to producing ecologically sustainable wines helps keep the Napa Valley an ecologically sustainable epicenter of wine production and enhances the taste of the wines themselves. This mutually beneficial and ecological relationship between the lush lands of the Napa Valley and one of its finest wineries continue to make CADE a leader in artisanal wine production and sustainability. We believe CADE represents everything we love in the Napa Valley and it is for that reason we are excited to show you exactly what CADE is all about – one limousine ride at a time.

Limousine Wine Tour

Wine Tasting Tour at CADE Winery near the firepitHere at Apex limousine transportation we pride ourselves on providing top of the line limousine, sedan and SUV transportation to the finest wineries in the Napa Valley. We offer exclusive limo transportation to and/or from CADE Estate Winery and so many more. Our services are varied and capable of providing comprehensive luxury limousine transportation services for any and all occasions. By far our most popular service is our Napa Valley wine tasting tour. A Napa Valley wine tour with Apex starts with a beautiful new model limousine. Each one of our limos, sedans and SUV’s  are up to date and fully furnished with state of the art interior seating as well as a surround sound system that puts all of the music in the hands of our clients. Each and every limousine is up to date on safety checks so there should never be concern about the safety of the vehicle you will be exploring the Napa Valley in. Our limousine vehicles vary in size and are able to accommodate groups of up to 8 passengers – whether you want a luxury sedan for two or a stretch limousine we are here to make your wine tour transportation dreams come true. What helps set us apart from other luxury transportation providers is our commitment to consistent professionalism every single ride. Our team of limousine drivers are professional, punctual, customer service oriented, and knowlegable in the Napa valley area. With each and every driver boasting years of experience and subject to rigorous background checks, you can rest assured that when riding with Apex you will get to where you want to go safely every single ride. Our drivers know the Napa Valley and Northern California more generally intimately and will get you to your desired destination in a timely and safe fashion every single time.


Wine Tasting

CADE Estate Winery is a gem of the Napa ValleyOur wine tasting tours are wildly popular because they connect people with the true essence of the Napa Valley.  We believe in the Napa Valley and what it is all about – relaxation and quality wine tasting. The best way to experience the true Napa Valley is in the luxury of a limousine. With such high quality wine producers like CADE there really are a number of treasures worth exploring. We promise to bring you there.

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