Far Niente Winery Tour

Far Niete Winery gardens with incredible landscapes

With a story similar to far too many wineries of the Napa Valley, Far Niente was founded in 1885. This upstart winery and vineyard was founded in the lush agricultural haven of the Napa Valley – a region perfect for growing grapes and producing delicious and incredible wines. Unfortunately, Far Niente was forced to close it’s doors with the onset of Prohibition in the early 20th century. However by the time the late 70s rolled around Gil Nickel had purchased the winery and began the process of restoration. With a name like Far Niente that comes from the Italian meaning “without a care” the process of getting the winery into full production mode was underway. Considering the age of the winery, Far Niente is pleased to be responsible for the oldest bottle of intact California wine in existence today. This bottle with the original Far Niente label dates back all the way to 1886. This shows the depth of the history that Far Niente is responsible for in the Napa Valley. Today the Far Niente estate is surrounded by 13 acres of beautifully maintained gardens with incredible landscapes. The winery caves are of course also top of the line in stunning beauty that push the limits of simplicity and intricacy as well as beauty. Far Niente also stands out from the rest of the Napa Valley in that it is committed always to utilizing only sustainable practices in viniculture making it one of the most sustainable vineyards in the entire region. The Far Niente Chardonnay was the first wine produced by Far Niente in the modern era and continually a favorite.

The brisk, clean and refreshing chardonnay with a small hint of oak make it unbeatable. Here at Apex luxury transportation we are pleased to bring all of our clients straight to the source to taste the delectable Chardonnay at Far Niente. Far Niente is a premier and must see winery of the Napa Valley and one that we always support and suggest to our clients. With such a deep and rich history in the Napa Valley it is no wonder why our clients keep Far Niente in high demand when deciding which wineries they will visit on their explorations of the Napa Valley. We are very pleased to be offering all of our clients direct limousine transportation to one of our favorite Napa Valley wineries. The Far Niente is consistently a favorite among our clients not only because the wines are some of the best in the region but also because the setting stands out among the rest for it’s pristine beauty and elegance. On your next Napa Valley winery tour, Apex will gladly take you and your party to visit everything that the Far Niente vineyard and winery has to offer. The incredible views, wines and elegant setting will be something you will not be disappointed in – we guarantee it. So when booking your excursion into the wine country make sure you mention Far Niente winery and we will take you there and help make your wine country dreams come alive.

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