Schramsberg Vineyard Tour

Art at Schramsberg Vineyard

As North America’s premier destination for wine production, the Napa Valley is home to many distinguished wineries. Calistoga’s very own Schramsberg Vineyard stands out among the rest as a must visit destination to first time Napa Valley visitors and seasoned wine country veterans. In a sea of new up and coming wineries, Schramsberg Vineyard is one of the older vineyards in the region. Founded in 1862 Schramsberg Vineyards was one of the earliest vineyards founded in the Napa Valley. Originally, Schramsberg Vineyards began to specifically produce sparkling wines in the same exact method as French wine producers use to make champagne. Like so many other wine producers Schramsberg Vineyards took a 50 year hiatus from wine production during the beginning of the 20th century and throughout Prohibition. Schamsberg Vineyards eventually reopened in 1965 after Jack and Jamie Davies took over the vineyard. Today when one visits Schamsberg Vineyards in Calistoga they will not only be impressed with the rolling hills and lush vineyards but also the stunning wine caves. Home to more than 2.7 million bottles of wine these caves are considered the oldest in the region and are as beautiful as they are architecturally impressive. Apex Luxury Transportation is very excited to offer our services to the Schramsberg Vineyard. One of our favorite things about offering luxury transportation to the Napa Valley is opening the doors of delicious and historical wineries to those who have never tasted them before. We only suggest wineries and vineyards that we personally believe meet and exceed our standards for excellence. Schamsberg Vineyard with it’s sparkling wines and beautiful estate meet and exceed our standards and in fact embody what we at Apex believe is the best of the Napa Valley. The Schramsberg Estate itself is located at the incredible and majestic foothill of Diamond Mountain. This setting is unmatched in the region. As a registered historical landmark recently renovated, the estate stands out amond the other more recently established vineyards with it’s impressive amount of history. Our comprehensive limousine services will bring you and your party straight to the doorstep of the Schamsberg Vineyard and show you exactly what all of this history is about. Our limousines are always driven by one of our professional limousine drivers who know the Napa Valley like the back of their hand. The professionalism of our drivers combined with the luxurious conditions of our limousines make every experience with Apex more than just a ride. When traveling to Schramsberg Vineyards with Apex you will experience the best of the Napa Valley and the regions best method of transport to get there. When traveling to and from the Schamsberg Vineyards we will also bring you and your party to other restaurants and landmarks of this historic wine producing region. It is our goal to bring out the best of the Napa Valley to you and your party. This is why time and time again we suggest to our clients that on their Napa Valley adventure they visit the historic Schramsberg Vineyards. There is nowhere else in the wine country that produces such incredible sparkling wines in such a beautiful setting. Remember when riding with Apex you are getting more than just basic transportation – Apex is a gateway to the best of the Napa Valley.

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