Silver Oak Winery Tour

Silver Oak Winery

The Napa Valley is the world’s premier wine producing destination. The combination of fertile lands, sympathetic weather and committed wine producers make this region truly special and stand out among wine producing regions around the world. With hundreds of wineries to choose from our clients are often at a loss of where to begin. However, one of our commitments here at Apex is to discovering the best wineries in the Napa Valley and opening their doors to our incredible clients. When helping plan your Apex limousine wine tour, we are committed to helping you explore the best the Napa Valley has to offer. This is why the next time you utilize Apex limousine wine services and begin your Apex limousine winery tour we will bring you directly to the Silver Oak Winery.

The Silver Oak Winery is a perfect destination for all Apex limousine winery tours. With two locations, one in Geyserville and the other in Oakville this incredible winery focuses on producing the best Cabernet Sauvignons in the entire world. The Silver Oak winery began in the early 1970s in the middle of the Napa Valley’s emergence on the international stage as a premier wine producing region. While many wineries were emerging sacrificing quality for the sake of producing massive quantities of many varieties, the Silver Oak Winery decided to do something a little different. Early on a decision was made to focus exclusively on producing top quality Cabernet Sauvignons. With one vineyard in the Alexander Valley and one in the Napa Valley, this commitment to detail and excellence as well as the production of the same wine from two premier vineyards, give Silver Oak Cabernet’s an unmistakable taste that will have all those who enjoy it begging for more. The concentration of efforts and resources on one wine variety extends into the barreling process as well. The specific barrels utilized by Silver Oak Winery are produced by a small cooperage in Missouri that use aged American white oak wood. This sets Silver Oak Winery apart from other large scale wineries that sacrifice quality for quantity. Silver Oak Winery never does such a thing. Attention to detail is adequately paid by the master wine maker Daniel Baron. Originally from New York he helps craft the brilliant Cabernet Sauvignons, drawing on extensive wine producing experience in both California and France. His years of winemaking have made him one of the top wine producers in the United States let alone the Napa Valley.

One of the incredible elements of the Silver Oak Winery is the on site chef Dominic Orsini. His brilliance with food is accentuated by the deliciousness of Silver Oak’s Cabernets. They are perfect for food pairing and when paired with care bring out the best of delicious meals and the nuances of the Cabernets. Among many incredible dishes the recently released recipe Beef Short Rib Bourguignon is arguably the most brilliantly paired dish with Silver Oak’s Cabernets. When visiting Silver Oak Winery on your Apex limousine winery tour, you will have the option of enjoying deliciously paired dishes with the Silver Oak wines. This unique and special experience will set your Napa Valley experience apart from the usual run of the mill winery tours. Our Apex limousine services are proud to bring you to the grandeur of the Silver Oak winery estates so you can experience the true beauty of these epic wine producing estates.

Here at Apex limousine services we pride ourselves on not only providing the best limousine winery tours imaginable but also helping our clients open doors to the Napa Valley that they otherwise would have never experienced. What this does is it helps us connect our incredible clients with incredible wine producers whether it is your first or fiftieth Apex limousine winery tour. Our Apex limousine services combine professionalism and luxury as well as experience in the Napa Valley. We take our limousine winery tours seriously so that when you are enjoying the luxuriousness of a limousine winery tour every step of the way melds together to create the best experience of the Napa Valley possible. Our Apex limousine winery tours stand out among the competitors for our commitment to detail, focusing on the nuances that make special experiences everything they can be and more.

It is with the utmost excitement for us to offer all of our clients limousine winery tours that explore the best of what the Napa Valley has to offer. With years of experience opening doors to the best Napa Valley wineries to our clients it is with total excitement that we explore the Silver Oak Winery with you on your next Apex limousine winery tour. What are you waiting for? Call Apex limousine services today!

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