Joe E

Ask for Bruce. We vacationed to San Fran and decided to take a 6 hour trip by limo to Napa to enjoy some California wine country. Not know what to expect from the service, we were extremely satisfied by the outcome. Bruce arrived 10 mins early. Opened up the limo and sat us down in there with libations. He asked us what we wanted out of the trip, what types of wine each of us enjoyed. After finding out we were all different in our wine styles, he suggested a few winaries but left the options to us.
We wanted a relaxing trip with a guide who would not push winaries on us. He offered a few suggestions(we took him up on one). His suggestion was amazing. We all enjoyed both the grounds and the wines. He was not over intrusive at all. Very knowledgable and friendly. We also were amazed at his overall knowledge of the valley. He knew much about most winaries(owners and their back stories, which wines they specialized in and more).
We love to travel and can guarantee on our next trip to San Francisco that Bruce will get a call. We loved it so much that we went over our rental by 3 hours and were glad to pay the extra. Thanks Bruce for making it a great trip. I encourage anyone who wants to explore the 400 plus winaries to call Bruce. Its overwhelming if you dont have a guide to put you on the great vineyards and to know that the guide is catering to your needs. 5 Stars.

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