Kirk P

We learned after our first trip to Napa that you don’t get the full experience unless you have a pregnant person in your party or a voluntary designated driver – unfortunately on that trip we had neither:-( This time around we searched dilligently for the “best” car service in Napa. Best for me BEFORE the trip was clean, dependable and a good value. I had NO idea that the best car service would also be as valuable as getting to the right wineries. Bruce was our man and was simply outstanding. Great service, incredible knowledge, very honest (we had suggested some wineries based on wines we liked and he gave us perspective on the “wines, wineries and experience”). It was pricey – $490 for 6 hours – but WELL WORTH IT! I learned a ton from him and got into places I would have never even thought about and had an outstanding time. Used a different service on day #2 through the hotel (Apex was booked as we didn’t try and make day #2 arrangements until the day before) that was good, but because of Apex and Bruce, was not nearly as outstanding as the day before. Would definitely use them again and will look forward to being treated like royalty again the next time we are in Napa/Sonoma!

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