We had done the bus wine tour on a previous trip, but we were looking for something a little more customized. Since it was just the two of us, a stretch limo didn’t make sense. I was so glad to find that the high-quality service of a limo was also available in a sedan. Let me just say, this is definitely not just a car service! The nice people on the phone were very happy to guide us, since we weren’t very familiar with all the wineries. At the same time, we had a couple of wineries we knew we wanted to try. Our wonderful driver, Alex, did an excellent job of suggesting wineries based on atmosphere, views, quality of wines and location. His knowledge of wine and wineries totally exceeded our expectations. There was plenty of bottled water available in the car at no charge (I should have had more of it!). Looking back, the only thing we should have done differently was to book 8 or 10 hours instead of just 6. Without a doubt, this is the ONLY way to tour the wine country!

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