I ordered limo service one Saturday in April 2012 and Alex was my driver. I was going to two wineries with a friend and Alex was definitely prompt for the pickup. He required me to process my credit card in advance of the trip even though I had already give Apex the info when I booked. (not a big deal just somewhat of a surprise)

Even though we planned for only two wineries, Alex convinced us (my friend) to hit two more wineries he suggested – they were Von Strasser and Reverie. I had been to Reverie before and knew it to be good so I agreed.

Alex knew the roads in Napa and stayed off the main roads to make better time so this was good. However, his service beyond driving was “off”. At one winery while we were tasting in the tasting area, he literally followed us around. The winery had a specific air conditioned room for limo drivers and I suggested he relax there but he refused and continue to “lurk” near us.

Also at Reverie after wine was purchased, Alex clearly got a kick back from the winery in the form of a bottle of their most expensive Reserve Cab. (I was not comfortable with this) (in fairness, Alex explained when he was given this wine that he had previously purchased it but I seriously doubt it given the timing, the fact that it was one bottle, etc)

Overall, the service was acceptable and but not professional and upscale as you would expect from a limo company in Napa. I would not use them again.

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