Brandon M.

Consumer, please be aware!  Quest (who has GREAT ratings) and APEX (who has a 1 star rating) are MERGING.  So, if you are like me and thought you were booking a reservation with a great company such as Quest, you may end up with an APEX driver/limo.

On to the review…..The driver arrived on time as requested!  The limo was very classy, sophisticated, and clean.  The bar was fully stocked as requested (with the exception of beer, which he brought later after me telling him we requested it with the reservation).  The drive down was great.

He dropped us off at the HP Pavillion for my wife’s graduation in the spot we agreed on.  This is where the ‘good’ ends.

Upon completion of the event, we called the limo driver’s direct number.  No answer.  We called him again. No answer.  Called again.  NO answer.  I then called dispatch and they tried calling.  No answer.  The driver FINALLY calls me and says,  ‘I’m just checking up on you to see if everything is ok.”  I obviously was very upset and explained why.  WE were standing outside in the 100+ degree heat for over 25 minutes waiting on him!!  He says, ‘I’ll be there in 3 seconds.’  I know that isn’t possible, but we waited another 15 until he arrived!

Got in the limo, and it was HOT!  He had not turned on the A/C in the back for us.  It was as hot inside as it was outside.  The ride back was pleasant.

He let us out, was very nice, apologetic, and went down and got beer for us.  He cared and knew his cell phone was malfunctioning.  I get that.  I was upset at the fact we had to wait outside and the dispatcher couldn’t even get ahold of him.

The owner did make it right.  After talking with him and voicing my frustration, he gave my wife and I a free one-way transport to the airport for our upcoming trip.

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