Catie F.

Second round with Apex and I am taking them down a star. Our driver was on-time (5m early) and was a good driver. He was, however, not very personable and approached our party by having us sign lots of waivers first thing, and warning us about fees for getting sick in the car. For the record, we were a party of five 29-30 year-old women, dressed well, going to a couple of wineries. Our driver also seemed NOT to want to take us where we wanted to go. He kept suggesting alternatives – don’t get me wrong, I appreciate suggestions, but please don’t get visibly frustrated when I didn’t want to take them. We had an itinerary for a reason…

Through the course of the day he was fine, but certainly not overly friendly and actually seemed irritated with us on and off. The car was stocked with alcohol and champagne, but not re-stocked or cleaned in our 8H trip (which is fine, we only drank some of the champagne and some water).

In the end, the limo was nice and well-stocked and I appreciate that we had a great day with a safe driver. However, the social/service part could have been better. Also, I checked my credit card and confirmed I’ve been over-charged for the service (they did not take my Yelp deal into account, even though it is written into the contract). I’ll be calling today and assume they’ll make the fix – but this is something to watch for.

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