J D.

We used APEX for a family wine tasting trip in Napa.

Bruce, our driver, was fantastic! He was obviously professional in every way, but also went out of his way to explain everything to us before we left, offered wonderful suggestions for places to stop, and even provided fun facts about the places we’d been! You should request him next time!

Most limos advertise they are “fully stocked” but when you arrive its actually a single bottle of water, if you are lucky…not APEX…we had water, sodas, champagne, you name it! It was great! There also were no hidden fees or disputes over cost. Its was actually really great!

Frankly I’ve always come to dread renting a limo because its usually a disaster (last company I used ran over my friend’s fence and balked at repairing it). APEX was very easy to work with and Bruce was the one of the most personable drivers I’ve had. I will certainly use them again !

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