Jason L.

I’m on the border of giving this company a 3.5 to 4 stars. The customer service over the phone was A+ (very helpful, great recommendations, clear about the details, etc).

Here’s where they lost points. The driver showed up to our place on time, BUT, when we all came outside, he wanted to handle the money/payment right then and there, which is fine but instead of not welcoming our guests to hop in the car already, we all got the vibe that we couldn’t touch the limo until he had our credit card on file..so we just stood there. What he should’ve done was knock on our door, work out the payment details right then and there, and walk us to his car while opening the doors and welcoming us. I then had to introduce myself to get his name, BUT, he had a heavy accent and I couldn’t understand him. Lets just say, he wasn’t very personable… he was basically there to do his job and not make any conversation I guess. This is the first limo driver I had encountered like this.

Limo was clean, but not the cleanest. There were white marks/stains on the ceiling randomly…not a lot but enough to make our guests make jokes about it (don’t want to know what it is or how it got there!). There was a bottle of champagne on ice, some sprite, and a couple bottles of water. There was also to bottles with no labels on it. One smelled and tasted like cheap vodka, and the other smelled and tasted like jack daniels. BLAH!

We got to our destinations, didn’t feel rushed, and our driver was always there ready to go when we were walking towards the parking lot. No complaints about that. He did open our doors everytime we arrived at a winery and upon entering the car again which was nice.

I think we just got stuck with a driver that we didn’t get a great friendly vibe from (which we’re not used to). I’d recommend this company, in hopes that whoever uses them will get a friendlier driver than us.

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