Kaitlin M.

I, too, was disappointed with my experience with Apex.  I was part of Rebecca W’s group, so I echo everything she has to say.  In addition, I want to emphasize how difficult it was to work with Apex.  Once we realized how their first day of service did not live up to what they promised, we wanted to cancel our reservation for the following day.  Not only was Mary rude and unhelpful, she threatened us with additional fees if we canceled our reservation.  She said that even if we were disappointed with our experience, we would still be charged for the limo service for the following day.  She cited their non-cancellation policy.  On the phone, Mary said that people have tried to fight with Apex about this specific issue before, but they have lost. Basically, once you book with this company, you are stuck with it, regardless of how they perform under the contract.

I would recommend that no one uses Apex.

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