Kirk M.

We traveled to Napa for our honeymoon in August. We only had 2 1/2 days in Napa so we wanted to try to get the most out of it that we could. Apex had a great deal that got us 7 hours for $490! It was really worth it. We had Bruce as a driver who was really more a tour guide than just a door opener.

We started at Silver Oak and then Bruce really gave us a back stage pass to the area. He explained where and what everything was along the way giving interesting insight to the region. The places we stopped were the real Napa wineries rather than the corporate places that charge and arm and a leg and really don’t care about who you are or your story.

I would recommend this tour over many others because of the value, the price, Bruce, and it seemed better than other tours we ran into during the day.

Also, we ended up adding another hour because we didnt want the day to stop. I hope it was okay with Bruce who was a great sport the entire day. By the end of it all, I think he was my wife’s new best friend.

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