Raymond N.

I booked transportation with Apex, and my wife and I did a private wine tasting, our driver Sasha was excellent, I could not have been more happy. We had 6 tasting we wanted to try, Sasha reccomended 2 different vineyards, and my wife and I were blown away!! They were wonderful, all the sodas, water, and liquor was included, you dont find that very often with limousine companies, My wife and I will be coming back to Napa in August of this year, and we will be using Apex again, and again, if you are going wine tasting and a tour you need to ask for Sasha, he was the best driver I have ever had, I would hire him for my own personal driver if I could. Excellent Service, polite friendly, and they get all the business out of the way in the beginning and you have the rest of the day. So if you do get a limo for wine tasting, you need to get Sasha!

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