Rebecca W.

Apex’s response to our review is at best misleading:

“After listening to the recorded conversation between Mr. Aaron ***”

Apex’s use of one of our party-member’s full name on a public forum is telling of what kind of business you’re considering using.

“Chauffeur was on time at pickup location but due to unsuccessful planning on your groups part, your group was late by 30min. To start off the day on a good note  driver gifted the group 30min free time”

This is true and would have been appreciated if not for the fact that our limo ride home was ultimately non-existent, thus rendering the 30 minutes of free time inapplicable.  Regardless, our late arrival is irrelevant to the subject of our complaint.

“driver went over the contract and let clients know that availability of additional hours past contracted hrs always depend on availability of company. This is a business standard”

This is patently false.   While we do not claim to know what the “business standard” for extended time is in the Napa region, (nor is it relevant), what we are sure of is that we were specifically told that we had an option for an additional hour.

“All of this was explained to the group at beginning of the charter”

Untrue.  While Yelp readers will ultimately decide for themselves, I would not be spending my time writing a review about some random limo company located across the country if the above statement were true.

“The clients misunderstood our offer, they also misunderstood that the latest they can be back to their hotel is by 5 pm.  It is our right as a business to reserve additional work for our vehicles after clients contracted time is over”

Again, untrue.  We were assured that we had an extra hour available to us, should we choose to take it.

Nobody is disputing Apex’s right to contract additional work after the conclusion of our contracted time.  However, Apex does not have the right to assure customers of an option, and only after the customer has acted in reliance upon that option (including $240 of tasting fees at Stag’s Leap), rescind that option.

“Aaron demanded a $300 reimbursement for the $100 taxi ride that all clients shared”

We reserved a limo to take us between Napa vineyards.  If we wanted to save $, we would have taken a cab.  Put differently (and I hope this would be abundantly clear to a limo company), Cab does not equal Limo!  $100 was never adequate compensation.

“Aaron also asked about canceling next days charter at which point Mary referred to the Terms and Agreement contract Aaron was emailed when he booked”

After clearly breaching our oral agreement on day 1 and leaving us high and dry without a ride home from Stag’s Leap, we had no reason to believe that Apex would perform satisfactorily on the second day.  Additionally, the limo driver on day 1 was horrible.  He could not provide us with any of the interesting information that we had read about in other reviews, nor could he answer even our most basic Napa-related questions.   Put differently, our desire to cancel our second day was merely our attempt to cut our losses.

Also, our desire to cancel the second day is irrelevant.  We performed our end of the bargain (paid in full).  The subject of the complaint is Apex’s failure to hold up their end.

“A week went by and we get a one star review…We emailed the billing client and let him know that since Rebecca is still upset she had to pay $100 for taxi, we will make a one-time compensation for taxi.”

This is true.  Upon realizing that we were willing to write a negative complaint when provided with sub-par service, Apex offered us $100 in exchange for removing the review.  We were unimpressed and all agreed that we would prefer that the complaint stay in place to inform potential customers of our bad experience.

“Aaron  responded and let us know that he wanted the full amount of the charter refunded. He wanted a 100% refund”

This is true.  We did not think that anything less than a full refund was worth removing the negative review.  If all Yelp customers that wrote negative reviews ultimately pulled the reviews upon receiving some small recompense, the whole purpose of Yelp would be defeated.

“We didn’t respond to Aaron’s email because it was a completely unreasonable demand. The client enjoyed full day of service”

Yes, this is true.  We were provided with a certain service.  It was far less than what we had contracted for and what we paid for.  As such, we opted to write a negative review.

“7 days after Aaron’s email and us not responding, another 1-star review showed up on Yelp…this review was written 1 month after the service was provided and strangely enough, only 7 days after our refusal to pay Aaron full refund he demanded… I feel confident saying this group had an agenda to extract as much money as they could from us”

You figured us out!  Our diabolical scheme is up!

Apex sucked.  I don’t know if they always suck but they certainly might.

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