Steven C.

Apex has the best service in the Bay Area!

It is always a chore to hire the car to get my group to the airport for our annual vacation. I seem to never keep driver’s information so every year I begin searching for a car service from scratch…

This vacation I began my search for a car service. The first service couldn’t help me with an SFO drop off (what??). The next service called me after I submitted an online request. The guy who called had to conference in another guy to make the reservation. He couldn’t get the other guy on the line right away… after a few expletives the other guy came on the line. I thanked them both and continued my search…

The next car service (this is #3!). The gentleman was helpful and nice, but not real knowlegable. Most of his answers ended with “and stuff” or “yeah, I think…” I couldn’t do it. I thanked him and started over..

Then I call Apex. Mary came on the line and was so professional, helpful and knowledgeable. She sold me on the company. What a great experience to have after so much lackluster!

Wanna get away? Start with Apex!

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