Tiffany L.

I rented an 8 passenger limo for 6 hours for a Napa wine tour. I called via phone to reserve the reservation. The customer service rep was helpful. However, it took another 2 calls to recieve my email confirmation.

On the day of the event, the driver called to let me know he was at the winery. I informed him that we would be awhile since we were all still wine tasting. He was very patient and waited for us. Upon entering the limo, he asked for payment and I informed him that we would be using two credit cards to pay. I had previous confirmation from the customer service rep that it would be ok to use two cards. However, the driver would only accept one card. He was abrupt and stand-offish at first, making me feel that he had better things to do. As the day went on, his mood seemed to lighten, but he did not give a good first impression. Overall the service was fine, he took us whereever we wanted to go.

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